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Encourage and Equip everyone to know and follow Jesus

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Recent Sermons

Recent Sermons


Here at  McCall Baptist, we believe in redemption, grace, love and, above all - the transforming power of Christ - our only hope of heaven.  We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!

Service times

Sunday School - all ages  -  Sunday @ 9:30 am

Main Service - Sunday @  11:00 am

AWANA's - Monday's @ 6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting;s - Wednesday's @ 6:00 pm

Ladies Bible Studies - Thursday's @ 10:00 am

Men's Fellowship - breakfast & study - 2nd Saturday each month @ church @ 9:00 am

Contact Us

200 Stibnite Street, McCall Id

Call - 208-994-9797

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Welcome to McCall Baptist

Good things to know

             Who we are 

                         Sinners saved by the grace of God - young, middle-age and getting older but all part of God's family in Christ Jesus.  We are family and we need each other

               What to expect

When you visit - expect a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and a smile. Come as you are - we are informal here, love gospel music and the Word of God

                      What we believe

We believe in the absolute inerrancy of God's Word and we preach expositionally the full counsel of God's Word.

We believe that Jesus is absolute deity - God incarnate - God in the flesh

We believe that salvation is by grace alone through the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ on the cross - taking our sins and clothing us in His righteousness. We believe in His death and His  physical - bodily resurrection - 3 days hence.

We believe that as Believers in Christ Jesus we have the responsibility to fellowship with one another; to assemble to hear sound doctrinal preaching of God's word; to pray for one another and to observe the Lord's table together.

We believe that Believers are to be Salt and Light, Ministers of Reconciliation. We are ambassadors for Christ and  evangelism as well as discipleship are set before us to do.

For complete statement of Faith


Psalm 3  -  "But you. LORD are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high"

 Pulpit Thoughts

    In our study of our Lord's calling of the Disciples, make no mistake - He was calling them to teach and to evangelize.
In that aspect, the calling to bear fruit in evangelism is for everyone who has been "born again" through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
read 1 Peter 2:9
We are all to be fisher of men

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