Jesus calms a storm and heals two men with demons.

Matt 8:16-22 "Cost of Discipleship"

Jesus gives us 2 examples in Matthew of the costs involved in discipleship.

Matt 8:1-15 "The King's Power"

Now Jesus will fulfill his Divine power in His healings, signs and miracles

Matt 7:21-29 "To Hear and To Do"

Last week we saw a danger - that Jesus warned us of - as we enter the narrow gate That danger was listening to false prophets. This week the danger is ourselves- self - deception.

Jesus will emphasize that the Gospel is to be obeyed and applied throughout our sojourn here on earth as Believers.

Knowing the difference between the wide and the narrow gate.

The world invades us and puts our faith to the test. This invasion is concentrated on our wealth and our anxiety.

Matt 6:1-18 will focus on the practice of the law, what men do.

The Jewish nation held up their scribes and Pharisees as the epitome of righteousness . Now Jesus is teaching them that in truth they are not!

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