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Matthew 6:1-4 Whence commeth our Reward

Oct 08, 2017

Passage: Matthew 6:1-4

Preacher: Mike Churchill

Series: Matthew

Category: Theology, Expository


First the Lord addresses our giving


Sermon on the Mount - 6:1-4 - “Whence cometh our Reward”

  1.    Introduction


  1.     A.  Review - In Chapter 5 we saw:
  2.  The Beatitudes or a description of a Believer- Vs 1-12.
  3.  The Believer in the world as Salt and Light - Vs 13-16.
  4.  The Believer in relation to the law of God in tension of the scribes and Pharisees - Vs 17-48
  5.     B.  In Chapter 6 there are 2 main sections:
  6.  The Religious part. -  Our giving, our prayer our worship vs 1-18
  7.  The Practical pat - Our wealth and our relationship to life
  8.   Giving   (Our Lord sets the stage with the first verse in chapter 6 - He paints 2 pictures):
  9.  One is a picture of the hypocrite’s way of being religious. It is the way of pride and self. They receive the reward they want, the applause of men.
  10.  The other is a picture of the Christian who gives in secret and the only reward desired is the blessing of God who is their heavenly Father - who sees in secret


  1.  The applause of Men vs 1-2

        (1)  Our Lord contrasts the charitable acts of the scribes & Pharisees and Believers

            (a)  The scribes and Pharisees wanted everyone to know about their charity

            (b)  The Christians wanted to please God

  1.  The reward of God vs 3 and 4

        (1)  For followers of Jesus, the Father’s approval of their actions should be most important

        (2)  The first and most important principle of these verse is that true charity must come                     forth from a life that has first been surrendered to Jesus Christ.  

        (3) Without Christ in us - without the indwelling Holy Spirit that is given upon                                    regeneration, -- charitable giving lacks the desired result to give glory to God.

  1.  A Legacy given
  2.  I believe that charitable giving as we have come to know it flowed from Christianity and is a by-product of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3.  Only after the coming of Jesus do we see motives change and only in the power of the Holy Spirit did charity flow from divine love within each Believer.

III. Conclusion and Application