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Col 2:16-23 "Let no one disqualify you"

Jul 07, 2019

Passage: Colossians 2:16-23

Preacher: Mike Churchill

Series: Colossians

Category: Theology, Expository


Paul is warning them against trading their freedom in Christ for a set of useless, manmade, legalistic rules.


Colossians - Sufficiency of Christ 

2:16-23 “Let no one disqualify you” 

  1. Introduction


  1. Christ gives us freedom and fullness of life
  2.   It seems that from the beginning, the church has had to deal with those who would bind it with             Jewish ideas about diets and days and rules and regulations apart from the wonderful grace of             GOD in Christ Jesus.
  3.   But Paul tells the Colossians that Christ Jesus is Sufficient. We are complete in Him!


  1. Legalism- the shadow of things to come- vs 16-17


  1. The “therefore” goes back to what Paul has been teaching in the previous verses:
  2.   Because Christ is fully God, You are complete in Christ.
  3. Paul has just stated to the Colossians that all the Mosaic Law has been nailed to the Cross in                 Christ’s death.    
  4. What is legalism? 
  5. A system of works not grace
  6. Both without the church and within the church - regarding demanding adherence to non-essential             doctrines
  7. Let us be reasonable however - Being gracious to non-essential doctrinal issues - is not an excuse to be         tolerant of false doctrine and heresy.
  8.   Jesus Christ is the reality to which the shadow pointed.


III.    Mysticism - angels - visions vs 18-19


  1. Let no one defraud (or judge you as not-worthy) Insisting on asceticism or self-abasement - used as a         negative use of the term in this context- the     humility of the false teachers was not real humility but         arrogant, ugly pride.  


  1.   False teachers looking for spiritual reality inside their own experiences- not God’s word!
  2.   False teachers engaged with worship of angels
  3.   False teachers were engaged in visions and signs
  4. The Colossian believers have held fast to Jesus Christ the head from whom the entire body grows with a growth which is from GOD.
  5. Spiritual growth comes from a union with Christ Jesus


  1. Asceticism or Human teachings - self-made religion - vs 20-23


  1. Paul’s final warning is against asceticism—a religious philosophy which teaches that depriving the body         of its normal desires is a means of achieving greater holiness and approval from God.