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Col 1:1-14 Part 3 "The All-Sufficiency of Christ"

May 12, 2019

Passage: Colossians 1:1-14

Preacher: Mike Churchill

Series: Colossians

Category: Theology, Expository


Paul prays for the Colossians when he hears of their faith, love, and hope.


Colossians - The All-Sufficiency of Christ


  1.  Introduction


  1.  Paul is in prison and gets a visit from Epaphras, pastor of Colossian church about 1300 miles away.
  2.  Colossian church is facing some false teaching and Epaphras came to Paul asking for help
  3.  Paul’s message can be condensed into - The All-Sufficiency of Jesus Christ.  We are complete in                                 Him.
  4.  In Paul’s greeting 1:1-14, Paul lays a broadside to the false teachers as he portrays his
  5.  Passion for people
  6.  Passion for prayer
  7.  Passion for principals
  8.     Faith
  9.     Love
  10.     Hope
  11.  Passion for progress of the Gospel
  12.  Passion for preachers of the Word
  13.  Passion for perspective
  14.  Passion for praise


  1. Paul’s Passion for Prayer vs 3


  1.  Paul prayed often
  2.  But he always gives thanks to God - every time he prays
  3.  Prayer of the Believers makes a huge impact upon this world


III. Paul’s Passion for Principal vs 4-5


  1.  Faith - to be persuaded that something is true and to trust in it - involves obedience
  2.  Biblical faith is not a leap in the dark but it is based upon fact and evidence Heb. 11:1
  3.  The amount of our faith is less important than the object of our faith - The Lord Jesus Christ.
  4.  Love - Love for all the saints. John 13:34-35
  5.  Love is one of the fruits of saving faith,
  6.  Needs to be pursued within the church
  7.  Hope - The gospel truth rests in hope. It is laid up or in store or in reserve for you in heaven.
  8.  Hope is our chain connecting us to God’s throne - we are sons
  9.  Hope sets aside the present for the future.


  1. Paul’s passion for progress of the gospel vs 6


  1.  The gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world - it is universal
  2.  Colossians needed this anchor to rest in - the evangelistic arena of the world.


  1.  Paul’s passion for preachers of the word vs 7-8


  1.  Romans 10:14 - how will they hear without someone preaching - gospel preaching, doctrine.
  2.  Paul recognizes the ministry of Epaphras.